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Speech Language Therapy:
Speech services are tailored to the child's individual needs based on informal or formal assessments. While working with the family, a therapy plan is created together to optimize progress and success. My sessions are very child centered and led as I believe if the child is having a good time, learning will follow.


"Nicole is a caring instructor with a wonderful temperament. She has an innate ability to connect with her students no matter their ability."


Yoga and Mindfulness:
My classes are designed for all levels as modifications are included frequently. Each class begins and ends the same way, but new things are introduced in each class. I can incorporate sound healing into classes and often times sing songs with the students. I encourage children to explore what they like, ways to help them relax, and ways to express their emotions in a positive manner.
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"Nicole's love for yoga and it's strong benefits for all drives her in every class she develops and presents. Her sensitivity and patience encourages students to progress day in and out. The proof of their happiness is shown by seeing her students smiling her smile of success. They reach deep in themselves and utilize her techniques in and out of her class totally living up to "Yoga for All Abilities."

Mary Ann

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