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Welcome! I’m a Speech Language Pathologist and primarily work in a school district for children with special needs. I have been incorporating Yoga and Mindfulness into the classroom and have had amazing results and progress both in the classroom and at home. I am first and foremost a Speech Therapist, therefore, I incorporate books, socialization, turn taking skills, emotional literacy, and following directions into every class. I also have taught children, teen, and young adult yoga classes at various locations in Nassau County. My mission is to have yoga reach as many kids as possible at a young age, because I think that could immensely change the world in a positive way as it has improved my life!

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Speech Language Therapy
Yoga and Mindfulness Classes
  • Early Intervention Birth - 3

  • Pre-school Ages 3-5

  • School Age 6-10

  • Tweens and Teens

Find out how Yoga and Mindfulness can benefit your child and family!

Why combine speech and yoga?

Engagement                        Fun

Repetition                            Achievement

Social Skills                          The Postures

Adult Support                     Sensory Needs

- from Yoga for Children and Young People with Autism by Michael Chissick

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